Mr. Karam Zaid Kilani

Karam Kilani is the CEO of Farah Medical Campus who works diligently to elevate the standard of medical care in the Middle East. Karam has a strong patient-centric philosophy, and believes that combining evidence-based practice with innovative technology pioneers holistic healthcare to not only diagnose and treat illness, but prevent it as well. Karam has been an integral part of orchestrating and successfully constructing one of the Middle East’s most prestigious privately owned medical campuses. As one of the region’s leading integrated health enterprises, Farah Medical Campus is home to the renowned Farah Maternity Hospital – the first hospital to introduce IVF treatment to the Middle East – as well as the state-of-the-art Farah General Hospital, with dedicated centers for all specialties and outpatient facilities. Karam has been a board member of several associations, including the Private Hospitals Association, the Jordan Hospitals Association, LOYAC Jordan and has been an appointed board member to the Electronic Health Solutions. He has been a keynote speaker at several conferences around the world, most notably at his alma mater on the topic of Effective Leadership in a Changing World. Karam has also been a panelist at various symposiums discussing topics such as Technological Innovation in the Healthcare System, New Think Stage events, and Data and Digitization in the Healthcare Industry. Karam holds a Bachelors in International Management from Franklin University, Switzerland.