Dr. Sanad Zaid Kilani

Dr. Sanad decided to pursue a career in medicine following the footsteps of his idol, mentor and father the late Dr. Zaid, his main drive in doing so is to create a positive impact in people’s lives, something he inherited from his father. Having a profound passion for architecture and regarding himself as a self-taught architect, Dr. Sanad has been involved in several healthcare projects within Farah Medical Campus (FMC). With each endeavor his goal is to redefine the healthcare landscape and to set new benchmarks. The pinnacle of Dr. Sanad’s contribution was the overseeing of the inception, design and execution of the new Farah General Hospital, whereby he was the main orchestrator of the project along with his younger brother Karam. He was chiefly responsible for all design and functional elements of the hospital from as simple as selection of the door knobs all the way to the complex design of the ICU, operating rooms and everything in between. His natural understanding of healthcare spaces stemming from his everyday experience as a physician, coupled with an intrinsic appreciation for architecture, gave him a unique perspective into hospital design and workflow which culminated in a revolutionary and unorthodox approach in project execution. The ultimate result: an avant-garde architectural masterpiece that set a new benchmark and raised the bar to new heights. Dr. Sanad’s commitment to enhancing patient and visitor experience and his genuine belief that good design yields better health outcomes led to Farah General Hospital to be the first in-process LEED certified green hospital in Jordan and home to the worlds largest motorized wooden louver “breathing façade” within a hospital. Parallel to the medical and administrative duties at the campus, Dr. Sanad was also in charge of bringing to life the “Dr. Zaid Kilani Pavilion”: a community platform in memory of founder of FMC the aim of which is to share and spread knowledge and knowhow related to science, medicine and promotion of health & wellness. In 2018, Dr. Sanad led the team where a successful visit from colleagues from Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota to FMC culminated in signing an NDA exploring potential collaboration between the two institutes as part of the Mayo Clinic International Care Network program. Dr. Sanad holds a degree in Bachelor of Medicine from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland as well as a Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences from the UK. He is a member of the Board of Trustees in the Royal Health Awareness Society, a society chaired by Her Majesty Queen Rania Al-Abdullah. Dr. Sanad is also deputy chairman of “Farah Spark”: Jordan’s first dedicated health & Med tech incubator and accelerator promoting innovation for entrepreneurs and startups in Jordan and beyond aiming at enhancing healthcare awareness and healthcare delivery to patients.