Designed for healing

Since its founding, Farah’s name has always been synonymous with revolutionary architecture and design concepts for its buildings and healthcare spaces. With each new development, a constant pillar in Farah’s architectural language is to blend modern elements (glass, aluminum, etc...) with heritage components (locally sourced stone, wood, etc...) thus emphasizing Farah’s cutting edge technology and top-flight medicine coupled with its well-deserved position as a trusted healthcare provider over several decades. This philosophy stems from our deep belief that good design yields better outcomes.

The interior spaces are carefully designed with modern yet timeless elements to make sure that visitors enjoy a clutter-free and serene environment. A key approach in the interior design and the departmental spatial relations was to make sure patients, visitors and staff journeys are met with uninterrupted sunlight thus maintaining and maximizing the occupant’s circadian rhythm.

The approach in tackling this considerable task was revolutionary and was based on creative and out of the box thinking that included a multidisciplinary team composed of architects, engineers, physicians, nurses, psychologists and most importantly patients themselves.

Breathing Facade

Farah General’s podium section is composed of external motorized wooden louvers spanning three floors that change position depending on the time of day. Not only does this façade add a striking look to the building, but it also ensures an optimum ambient environment for occupants

Campus Garden

The center-piece of the campus is without a doubt the 2000 sqm garden home to the “Dr. Zaid Kilani Community Pavilion”. It includes patient and visitor pedestrian paths, organic garden, outdoor amphitheater, water features, and children’s play area. It is the heart of our campus

Medical Art Installations

Farah General’s glass façade is designed to mimic DNA’s appearance when studying it using gel electrophoresis technique while its main reception’s centerpiece is a bespoke hand-blown glass chandelier resembling red blood cells which represents a beautiful life-giving fluid

Space & Interiors

Special attention has been given to areas proven to be high-stress environments to patients and their families. It was our goal not only to reduce stress, anxiety and fear factor, but to transform these negative emotions to positive and enjoyable experiences


All patient rooms are private and vary in size from 30 sqm to massive 250 sqm residences. Furniture has been carefully selected with high-performance anti-bacterial and fire retardant characteristics.

ICU Suites

The ICU rooms are in fact “suites” where each patient suite has a connecting family room stemming from our philosophy that family is part of the healing process. The sophisticated yet friendly design of the ICU reduces the incidence of ICU delirium, a well-known condition attributed to being admitted to the ICU.

Day Case Unit

Patients to our day-case unit (which serves endoscopy, chemotherapy, and day-case surgery) get access to private rooms with floor to ceiling windows. The day-case unit has a generous lounge overlooking the campus’s garden for use of patients and their family members

ER Rooms

The center is designed with patient safety, comfort and privacy in mind and features a curtain free environment where each patient has his/her own triage room with dedicated monitor and triage trolley. The center is also flooded with natural sunlight thus ensuring a pleasant experience to patients

Farah Suites & Farah Residences

Most rooms feature sofa-bed for companions spending the night while in “Farah Residences” class, each residence has a separate companion bedroom with en-suite bathroom facilities in addition to separate visitor’s lounge and a kitchenette