Farah Medical Campus (FMC) is an integrated healthcare ecosystem designed for the journey of holistic care and healing. Located in the heart of Amman’s iconic medical district, we open our door to Jordan, the region and the world as an integrated medical institution, determined to set new standards in healthcare and contribute to the well-being and quality of life of an ever growing community. 

We envision our campus as being an oasis that heals the mind, body and soul. We follow a patient-centered approach where we learn all we can about each patient, their medical history, lifestyle and family, in order to provide personalized care, while keeping their families comfortable and involved throughout their treatment journey. Healing a patient is healing a family. We believe holistic care revolves around evidence-based practices, advanced technology, clear communication and human emotions. At FMC, healthcare and medical treatment is a holistic journey to wellness. We recognize that this is a journey in which we accompany our patients every step of the way on the road to recovery. Our evidence-based practice and safety-aligned policies & procedures set a new standard of clinical care. Our responsibility to our growing community is a promise of innovation, excellence and continuous learning. 

Farah General Hospital

Farah General is a multi-specialty general hospital designed and built according to the latest and best-practice guidelines. It is the culmination of decades of experience in world.

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Farah Woman & Child

Previously known as “Farah Maternity Hospital”, Farah Woman & Child Hospital is the cornerstone to what has become Farah Medical Campus (FMC).

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Farah Emergency Center

Designed and built as a Level 1 emergency center, Farah’s state-of-the-art Emergency center spans 600 sqm and is equipped to deal with all age groups from first day(s) of life all the way up to very old patients.

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Dr. Zaid Kilani Community Pavilion

It has always been the mission of our Chairman Dr. Zaid Kilani to share and spread knowledge and knowhow.
The “Dr. Zaid Kilani Community Pavilion” will be the platform by which knowledge and knowhow will be spread.

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  • Endoscopy Department
  • Imaging department
  • ER Center
  • Surgery


The day-case unit is designed so as to offer a paramount safe environment and to exceed the patient’s and physician’s expectations.
Conveniently located on the first floor, Farah’s day-case unit spans 2000sqm and sets new benchmarks when it comes to patient care pathway.

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Endoscopy Department

The endoscopy department is composed of two state-of-the-art endoscopy suites that serves gastroenterology (gastroscopy and colonoscopy) and pulmonology (bronchoscopy).

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Imaging department

The unit is one of the most spacious departments nationwide and sets new benchmarks not only regionally but also on the international stage. It spans 1000 sqm and is home to many technologies first to be introduced locally and regionally as well.

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ER Center

  • An area dedicated for those spending 23 hours or less at the hospital receiving the full treatment, care and benefits of the facility
  • 16 room’s setup where each patient is designated their own room
  • Located on the first floor of the hospital, across from the endoscopy unit and providing pre and post-op care for its patients
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The operating rooms at Farah General have been designed with the goal of optimal efficiency and safety in mind

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  • cafe
  • Dr. Zaid Kilani Community Pavilion


The wellness café is located between Farah General and Farah Woman & Child and is also open to welcome guests from the surrounding vicinity and beyond. The menu focuses on healthy eats and tailors to the requests of guests with different dietary needs (vegetarians, vegans, lactose intolerant, diabetics, food intolerances, etc...). The Wellness Café overlooks the campus’s garden which includes a children’s play area ideal for visitors with young children

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Dr. Zaid Kilani Community Pavilion

“Our gift to the Community” It has always been the mission of our Chairman Dr. Zaid Kilani to share and spread knowledge and knowhow.
The “Dr. Zaid Kilani Community Pavilion” will be the platform by which knowledge and knowhow will be spread. 

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